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Virtuous Cycle of the Resource Recycling & Eco-friendly Public Pyrolysis in Cooperation with Government·Corporation·Civilian


REVOTECH delivers renewable energy using its new clean methods 

to process waste resources, such as synthetic resins. 


REVOTECH’s Continuous Pyrolysis Technology is an eco-friendly recycling revolution, 

solving the present worldwide pollution from synthetic resin waste by-products. 


We provide EPC to O&M of the Continuous Pyrolysis Plant System, 

and focus on R&D for hydrogen gas energy production.


●  June 2018

​Renovated and reopened RevoTech Co. Ltd. factory.

●  Dec 2019

Succeed in 24-hour continuous operation by developing 

continuous pyrolysis technology and automating the entire process

●  May 2021               ~ June 2022

Collaboration with Doosan Heavy Industry & Construction.

(Completion of Hydrogen production experiments via resynthesis of pyrolysis gas)

●  June 2022

Signed an MOU with JNK Heaters Co. Ltd. (Hydrogen production using pyrolysis gas)

●  July 2022

Granted ISO9001 & ISO14001 Status

●  Dec 2022

Winner of the 16th Korea Best Patent Award (July-Dec)

●  Feb 2023

Winner of the K-Technology for Korea Industrial Awards

●  July 2023

Winner of the Excellence Prize at UFEZ Win-Win Investment Platform Contest

●  Dec 2023

For the first time in Korea,

succeed in 38.4 TPD eco-friendly continuous pyrolysis technology

●  Jan 2024

The eco-friendly continuous pyrolysis plant system passed

the installation & performance test by KTL(Korea Testing Laboratory)

●  Feb 2024

Winner of  the 18th Korea Green·Energy Awards


Board of Directors
Ok Yeon JEON

●  Major shareholder of RevoTech co., Ltd. 

●  Development of B2G (20 years)

●  CEO of Saehan Industrial Development Co., Ltd

●  CEO of ING Construction

Byung Jig HWANG

●  CEO of RevoTech co., Ltd. (since 2021 ~ present)

●  RevoTech co., Ltd. - Development of Pyrolysis Technology (2018 ~ 2021) 

●  CEO at an operator of SRF incineration facilities; a private equity firm (4 years)

  Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. - O&M of environmental facilities,

    Promotion of local government private investment projects (15 years)

●  Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

    Start-up of HRSG power generation facilities (2 years)

●  Samsung Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. - Start-up &

    A/S of Combined Heat and Power Facility & HRSG facilities (18 years)

●  Jeonju Paper Co., Ltd. - Start-up & operation of Combined Heat and Power Facility


RevoTech Co., Ltd.



T  054. 571.1010     F  054. 571.4040     E      W

311-43 Gaeun-ro, Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, R.O.K. RevoTech Co., Ltd.

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